A message from our president about racism and community trauma

Dear Friends,

I write to you on behalf of the WMAAP Executive Committee (EC). Anguish continues to overwhelm still, as we contend with ongoing and tragic transgressions experienced by the African American community. On behalf of the members of the EC, please know that we stand in support of African Americans and all members of minority and oppressed communities, threatened, on a continual basis, by the social injustices, health disparities, educational and economic inequities and resulting poverty, that cast a deadly shadow on their lives.  This is made even more  painfully apparent with the emergence and impact of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The  WMAAPP EC joins the national movement to end endemic racism and the violence associated with racial and ethnic motivations.  We will continue to provide education and training that actively resonates with this goal and stand by our objectives to provide a forum for scholarly and clinical exchanges to foster knowledge and understanding of the complex issues that threaten the very fabric of our vulnerable communities.  We also look forward to continuing with our mission of increasing our understanding of the trauma associated with life threatening inequalities noted above.

Black Lives Matter, dreams matter, equality and liberty are inalienable rights and should not be withheld. We, through our programs, are committed to supporting those who are facing these challenges.  On behalf of the WMAAPP EC, I hope you will accept our best wishes as we navigate these challenging and  tragic times.

In anticipation, we look forward to meeting you soon.

Best Wishes,

Jyoti Swaminathan,  Psy.D.

President,  WMAAPP.