Contemporary Psychoanalytic Field Theory Reading Group

This reading group, led by Montana Katz, Ph.D., LP., will meet in West Stockbridge to discuss central and emerging themes, concepts and techniques of contemporary Psychoanalytic Field Theory. Readings will be selected from the growing body of publications on the subject. The three principal models of Psychoanalytic Field Theory, one from the work of Baranger & Baranger, another from the work of Ferro & Civitarese, and the Field Theory that emerges from the Relational, Intersubjective and Interpersonal schools, will all be discussed and compared.

Psychoanalytic Field Theory offers new and creative approaches to psychoanalytic theory and especially to clinical practice. It offers new ways of thinking about psychoanalytic process, analytic listening and technique. Clinical material from the readings and from participants’ practices will be used to explore different Field Theory techniques. We will meet once or twice a month. If you are interested in participating in the group, please email Montana Katz at Montana Katz is a Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst and Senior Faculty member at The National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis. She is a Founding Co-Director of the International Field Theory Association, member of The International Psychoanalytic Association and The American Psychoanalytic Association, on the Editorial Boards of The Psychoanalytic Review and Psychoanalytic Inquiry. She is the Editor of Metaphor and Fields: Common Ground, Common Language and the Future of Psychoanalysis and is currently writing a book on comparative Psychoanalytic Field Theory for Routledge. She is in private practice in New York.