WMAAPP Mentorship Program

Welcome to the WMAAPP Mentorship Program

The WMAAPP mission statement expounds the following: “WMAAPP extends the psychoanalytic dialogue to all area clinicians — those working in community mental health clinics, university psychology departments, psychoanalytic institutes, psychiatric facilities and in private practice, as well as to students in graduate school and psychoanalytic training, and to other interested professionals.”

In spite of this explicit intention to engage all area clinicians in psychoanalytic dialogue, the divergent realities of practice in different settings have created a significant gap between most of our members who work in private practice settings and clinicians in their training and early career years, who often practice in community mental health clinics. This gap threatens the endurance of our psychoanalytic community and deprives early career clinicians of the opportunity to benefit from the unique experiences and perspectives we have to offer. The proposed mentorship program that follows aims to bridge this gap in hopes of proving mutually beneficial to mentors and mentees alike.

Program description:
A one-year free mentorship program offered by senior WMAAPP members to early career clinicians and students who are also WMAAPP members. The main goal of this program is to provide guidance and support for the professional development of the mentee based on psychodynamic principles. Mentor and mentee will work together to develop an individualized plan to support the mentee’s professional goals and interests.

Current WMAAPP members willing to commit to at least one year of a mentorship relationship. Mentors must be currently licensed, carry a professional liability insurance and have at least five years of independently licensed clinical experience.

Clinicians-in-training or early-career clinicians who express interest in a mentorship rooted in psychodynamic perspectives. Mentees will be required to be current WMAAPP members.

Frequency and Setting: The expectation is that the mentorship pair will meet at least once a month for a period of one year, either face-to-face or remotely (e.g., Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Doxy.me, etc.).

Reporting: In order to obtain feedback that will allow us to improve this mentorship program, mentors and mentees will be asked to independently submit brief descriptive reports of their work to WMAAPP’s mentorship committee on a biannual basis. Should any difficulties or concerns be raised in these reports, the committee may consult to aid in problem resolution.

Scope of Mentorship: Professional Mentorship is not supervision. Although the specific content of the mentorship meetings is at the discretion of each mentorship pair, all meetings aim to afford opportunities for mentees to discuss career development, job-related issues, and myriad other challenges and demands of the profession.

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