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A review by Joyce Slochower
Published in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis (2016) 97, PP 1222-1226

Taking the transference, reaching towards dreams: Clinical studies in the intermediate area. By M. Gerard Fromm. 
Karnac Books, London, 2012.

A review by Jyoti Swaminathan, Psy.D.

The Enigma of Desire. Sex, Longing, and Belonging in Psychoanalysis. By Galit Atlas, Ph.D.

A review by Jyoti Swaminathan, Psy.D.

My Mother’s Eyes. Holocaust Memories Of A Young Girl. By Anna Ornstein; Illustrations by Stewart Goldman.

A review by Jyoti Swaminathan, Psy.D.

Looking Back: Memoir of a Psychoanalyst. by Paul H. Ornstein with Helen Epstein.